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List of tributaries of the Danube by order of entrance

The Danube is Europe's second-longest river. It originates in the Black Forest in Germany as two smaller rivers—the Brigach and the Breg—which join at Donaueschingen, and it is from here that it is known as the Danube, flowing generally eastwards for a distance of some 2850 km (1771 miles), passing through several Central and Eastern European capitals, before emptying into the Black Sea via the Danube Delta in Romania.

The Danube flows through—or forms a part of the borders of—ten countries: Germany, Austria, Slovakia, Hungary, Croatia, Serbia, Bulgaria, Romania, Moldova, and Ukraine; in addition, the drainage basin includes parts of eleven more countries: Poland, Switzerland, Italy, Czech Republic, Slovenia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro, Republic of Macedonia, Moldova, and Albania.

River Entering the Danube at Distance from mouth (Sulina) Side
of the
Iller Ulm, Germany right 147 km
Wörnitz Donauwörth, Germany left 132 km
Zusam Donauwörth, Germany right 60 km
Lech Marxheim (near Donauwörth), Germany right 264 km
Paar near Vohburg, Germany right 134 km
Abens near Neustadt (Donau), Germany right
Altmühl Kelheim, Germany 2414.68 km left 230 km
Hopfenbach Kelheim 2410.67 km right
Schwarze Laaber Schwalbennest 2387.90 km left
Naab Regensburg, Germany 2385.30 left 165 km
Regen Regensburg, Germany 2379.24 km left 165 km
Sulzbach Donaustauf 2367.50 km left
Otterbach Donaustauf 2367.60 km left
Pfatter Gmünd 2349.31 km right
Wiesent Gmünd 2346.43 km left
Große Laaber near Straubing, Germany 2329.51 km right
Aiterach Reibersdorf 2214.00 km right
Kinsach Reibersdorf 2213.39 km left
Isar near Deggendorf, Germany 2281.71 right 286 km
Hengersberger Ohe Winzer 2264.21 km left
Angerbach Hofkirchen 2256.89 km right
Vils Vilshofen, Germany 2248.63 km right
Gaissa Heining 2233.85 km left
Ilz Passau 2225.43 km left
Inn Passau, Germany 2225.20 km right 517 km

Satzbach Löwmühle 2221.30 km left
Kößelbach Kernmühle 2218.00 km right
Erlau Erlau 2215.15 km left
Dantelbach Dantelbach 2201.77 km left
Rannabach Oberranna 2196.04 km left
Kesselbach Kager-Niederranna 2194.55 km right
Mühl River Obermühl 2177.85 km left
Große Mühl Öxlgut 2168.00 km left
Große Rodl Wilhering 2144.83 km left
Bleicherbach Wilhering 2143.35 km left
Traun near Linz, Austria 2124.73 km right 153 km
Ipfbach Enghagen 2116.98 km right
Gusen Enghagen 2113.60 km left
Enns Mauthausen, Austria 2111.828 km right 254 km
Aist Schwarzholz 2108.50 km left
Isper Isperdorf 2065.70 km right
Ybbs Ybbs an der Donau, Austria 2057.10 km right 130 km
Erlauf Pöchlarn 2046.30 km left
Pielach Schallemmersdorf 2034.35 km left
Aggsbach Aggstein 2027.17 km right
Endlingbach Aggstein 2026.97 km left
Spitzerbach Spitz 2019.58 km left
Fladnitz Krems 2000.60 km right
Traisen Altenwörth 1979.10 km right
Perschling Klein Schönbüchel 1972.10 km right
Grosse Tulln River Tulln 1965.27 km right
Schwechat Upstream of Schönau 1913.70 km right
Russbach 1881.20 km left
Morava Devín, Slovakia 1880.26 km left 358 km
Vidrica 1871.50 km left
Leitha near Mosonmagyaróvár, Hungary[1] 1793.00 right 180 km
Rába Gyor, Hungary [2] 1793.00 right 322 km
Conco Upstream of Komarom 1777.00 km right
Váh Komárno, Slovakia 1765.80 km left 403 km
Hron near Štúrovo, Slovakia 1716.00 km left 298 km
Ipel near Szob, Hungary 1708.20 km left 232 km
Lepence Lepence 1697.00 km right
Benta 1621.75 km right
Sió near Szekszárd, Hungary 1497.15 km right 121 km (360 km)[3]
Vajastorok 1494.60 km left
Drava near Osijek, Croatia 1382.50 km right 725 km
Vuka Vukovar, Croatia 1333.10 km right 114 km
Tisza near Titel, Serbia 1214.50 km left 1,026 km
Sava Belgrade, Serbia 1170 km right 990 km[4]
Tamiš near Pancevo, Serbia 1154.20 km left 359 km
Jezava 1115.20 km right
Velika Morava near Smederevo, Serbia 1104.50 km right 185 km (493 km, 550 km)[5]
Mlava near Kostolac, Serbia 1091.60 km right 158 km
Caras near Stara Palanka, Serbia 1076.50 km left 110 km
Nera near Stara Palanka, Serbian-Romanian border 1075.00 km left 124 km
Ribis Downstream of Bazias 1070.00 km left
Pârâul Tiganilor 1059.79 km left
Râul Mic 1058.80 km left
Pek Veliko Gradište, Serbia 1057.10 km right 129 km
Prva Upstream of Moldova Veche 1050.90 km left
Valea Mare River Moldova Veche left
Baronul Downstream of Moldova Veche left
Bosneag 1045.30 km left
Varad Upstream of Coronini 1042.40 km left
Sicolovat 1039.40 km left
Livadica 1037.30 km right
Alibeg 1034.90 km left
Liuborajdia 1031.90 km left
Crusovita 1029.60 km left
Cezava Cezava 1026.80 km right
Caonita 1026.65 km left
Camenita 1025.70 km left
Turski Potok 1025.30 km right
Oravita Liubcova 1022.90 km left
Dobra 1021.00 km right
Zascoc 1020.10 km left
Zidinac Zidinac 1019.00 km right
Berzasca Berzasca 1017.80 km left
Kozica right
Suva 1015.50 km left
Cozla Cozla 1013,30 km left
Sirina Downstream of Cozla 1012.10 km left
Pesaca 1009.40 km right
Eliseva 1007.30 km left
Boljetinska 1003.20 km right
Saraoschi left
Stariste 1000.90 km left
Paolina 999.50 km left
Suscava 994.50 km left
Ciuceavca 993.40 km left
Zlatica 992.80 km right
Porecka 988.20 km right 50 km
Iuti 988 km left
Tisovita Tisovita 982.6o km left
Recita Downstream of Tisovita 981.30 km left
Liubotina 979.70 km left
Plavisevita 976.20 km left
Ponicova 972.80 km left
Mraconia 967.00 km left
Costinetiu 964.60 km left
Suhodolu 963.40 km left
Mala 961.40 km left
Valea Satului Upstream of Ieselnita left
Ieselnita Ieselnita 959.70 km left
Dâlboca 957.70 km left
Velika Kovila 956.90 km right
Grotca 955.20 km left
Cerna 953.20 km left 84 km
Bahna 949.80 km left
Dzevrin 949.20 km right
Vodita left
Kasajna 946.80 km right
Jidostita left
Kladusnica 936.80 km right
Dudas 936.60 km left
Topolnita 927.80 km left
Bistrita 920.60 km left
Slatina Slatina 879 km right
Timok Bulgarian-Serbian border 845.65 right 203 km
Drincea left
Topolovetz 784.10 km right
Vojniska 782.20 km right
Vidbol 780.20 km right
Artchar 768.50 km right
Skomlia 762.50 km right
Lom Lom, Bulgaria 741,70 km right 93 km
Saraceaua Cârna left
Desnatui Lake Bistretu left
Tzibritza 715.85 km right
Nedeia 697.60 km left
Jiu between the Bulgarian towns of Kozloduy and Oryahovo 691.55 km left 331 km
Ogosta between the Jiu's mouth and Oryahovo, Bulgaria 684.50 km right 147 km
Jiet 681 km left
Iskar Gigen, Pleven Province, Bulgaria 637.00 km right 368 km
Celei Celei 634.10 km left
Ursa Gârcov left
Vit Somovit, Bulgaria 609.50 km right 189 km
Olt Turnu Magurele, Romania 604.00 km left 709 km
Oltul Mic 600.60 km left
Calmatui left
Osam Nikopol, Bulgaria 600.10 km right 314 km
Sâi Turnu Magurele left
Yantra Svishtov, Bulgaria 536.70 km right 285 km
Vedea Bujoru, Romania left 224 km
Pasarea Slobozia left
Rusenski Lom Ruse, Bulgaria 497.80 km right 45 km (196.9 km)[6]
Arges Oltenita, Romania 430.00 km left 327 km
Mostistea left
Berza Lake Galatui left
Almalau Lake Bugeac right
Begena Lake Bugeac right
Galita Galita right
Canlia Canlia right
Canaraua Fetei Lake Oltina right
Jegalia Jegalia left
Valea Mare Lake Dunareni right
Vederoasa left
Urluia Upstream of Rasova right
Rasova Rasova right
Pestera Cochirleni right
Tibrin right
Dunarea Dunarea right
Calachioi Capidava left
Chichirgeaua Tichilesti right
Ialomita Near Hârsova left 400 km
Topolog Saraiu right
Namolesti Gârliciu right
Calmatui left
Basburun Ostrov left
Aiorman Peceneaga left
Greci left
Cerna Lake Cerna right
Valea Plopilor Macin Branch right
Jilila Lake Jijila right
Siret Galati, Romania 155.05 km left 726 km
Prut near Reni, Ukraine 134.144 km left 953 km
Gârla Ciulinetul Lake Crapina left
Luncavita Luncavita right

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